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Monday, 21 May 2012

making excuses for my lack of blogging!

Random Picture of a beach

Dear Followers,
I don't even know how to justify my lack of blogging..I guess some people are more able than others to fit it in with their daily activities, whether they are extremely busy or not!
I, however, have been extremely busy (still am) and have not been able to fit it in, but I have decided that has to change. My nex exam is on the 31st of May but I am determined to still do some blogging in the meantime!

Thank you all for your lovely messages, will be sure to reply asap!


Friday, 20 April 2012

Blazer-New Look
Top- Matalan
Shorts- New Look
Boots-Dr. Martens

Dear followers,

I have been such a crap blogger the past few weeks (=completely absent). I have been away for the Easter Hols and have also been extremely busy preparing for my exams and writing up 2 uni projects. 
The pictures above are from when to visit Alex and we went for drinks at the local yacht club with his parents. As you can see my hair is now brow! The plan is to make it a more sun-kissed brown when I have time, but there is still a lot of red coming through (you can't really tell from the picture because I had just dyed it, but after several washes a lot of red re appeared :p ) so might have to dye it dark again to cover that first, as I want to avoid bleaching as much as possible. I died it not because I didn't love the red (I got used to it and actually really liked it), but because it was way too high maintenance, it faded so quickly! On Monday I am going to a casting for a hair shoot, and if I make it through the casting the lady in charge might actually want to die my hair and the photographer told me I could choose what colour, so I might get what i want done for free which would be pretty cool :p Just gotta see how it goes.

I promise I will try and be more consistent with my blogging! And sorry for my face in those pictures but I have been pretty tired and stressed out :/ I am off for a power-walk now, tomorrow afternoon I am taking a break from studying and going bikini shopping so hopefully I'll buy nice stuff i can show you :)

being a poser on Easter Sunday 

Hope you all have a great evening 


Sunday, 1 April 2012

Fave Loveclothing Photoshoot Pics

Dear Followers,
here are my fave pics from the photoshoot I did for the other week :)
On some of them I had a pretty dangerous creeping-camel-toe situation haha! Leggings do that to most though I guess?

On an other note, my hair is now brown! It's quite dark because I couldn't go any lighter over the red! I ended up deciding to get it done brown because even though I loved the red, I wanted my hair to be a more neutral colour! I'm going to get it lightened up soon, I am also thinking about getting a sort of two-tone dip-dyed hair colour... will probably write a post about it soon :)

I am now on my Easter holidays, which really aren't proper holidays since I have so much work to do for my deadlines and exams! Oh well that's the way it is.

Have a good Sunday :)


Monday, 26 March 2012

KAOS Fashion Show :D

Eunice and I 

What I looked like for the fashion show! All clothes from ARK.

Hey lovelies! Hope you've all had a great weekend- I am EXHAUSTED! I just woke up from a much-needed nap and I can't figure out if I'm feeling better or worse after it haha.

I just thought I'd share with you a couple of pictures from the fashion show! Rehearsals were all day yesterday from 10.30 a.m., nd somehow I managed to get confused with the time change- I didn't know that my blackberry did it independently, so I forwarded it again. Bottom line, I got to rehearsals an hour earlier than necessary! It was a really fun day although also very tiring, and I found myself being constantly hungry which was inconvenient since I had to have my stomach out so it had to look as flat as poss. My initial plan was to have lunch, and then not eat till the end of the show. That didn't happen and I ended up having an egg, some bacon, some toast and plumb tomatoes shortly before the show haha... oh well! We walked 18 minutes in the show and there were like 2 hours left more or less, and at the end there was a final caterpiller all the models had to do, but as soon as I got off I joined my boyfriend, sister, housemate Cam and friend Alisha who had come to support me and we left, as we were all starving and also really tired. My head genuinely felt like it was about to explode! I spent all of today in bed pretty much, I couldn't even go to the station with the bf as I could barely stand! I put it all down to exhaustion lol, it's been a busy week! I have another fun weekend coming up so gotta work really hard on my uni project this week1

Anyway- what do you guys think of the ARK look? Most people from the other shops were complimenting us on our hairstyles- I had never thought I'd see the day where I'd get a 'fro! I loved the look as it was pretty fierce and I think it may have helped us feel more confident as well. The hairdressers achieved it by giving us tiny-weeny braids about 4 hours before the start of the show, going over them with straighteners and making us keep them on-we looked pretty insane! Then about an hour before the show they removed the braids and backcombed the living daylights out of our hair, and put industrial quantities of hairspray on it! Surprisingly, all it took to get it off was some patient combing, washing and conditioning it and putting a few drops of Argan oil on it, which is what I do when I wash my hair anyway haha.

Pics from my latest shoot at loveclothing are coming up on the website so I will upload a selection of my faves once they are all up for u guys to see :)

I'm off now


Thursday, 22 March 2012

Summer Prep TLC

Hey guys, haven't got a new outfit post for you because a) I definitely need a closet makeover and won't allow myself to buy anything new until I've given away (to whoever wants it, or a charity) a LOT of my clothes. I can hardly fit in my room as it is, and I've had to take over the living room with half of my clothes as well, which really isn't normal, and b) I've been quite boring with my outfits these days as I've been busy doing lots of things which I'll tell you about in a sec, so I've basically been living in jeans and my boyfriend's hoody that he left here by accident last weekend. I'm even wearing it at the moment and believe you me, it definitely needs a spin in the washing machine. I may have taken this comfort over style thing a bit too far and stepped into the comfort over hygiene zone which is not good. *puts hoody in the dirty laundry container*

Anyway, this post was not meant to be discussing my lack of interesting outfits, but more the beautiful weather and the fact Spring is here at last-YAY! My exam dates have come out yesterday (obviously in the evening so we all had time to freak out and check our emails 100.5 times per second to see if they were up), and they are actually pretty good. My first one is on the 9th, which is also our 3rd year project hand-in date but I think there is plenty of tim to do both plus the Child in Society project which is due in on the 26th of April (I think), since the second and last exam isn't until the 31st of May, which means that during Easter I won't even have to look at the stuff for that exam. The fact that exams dates are out makes me feel like Summer is REALLY close and the good weather is helping!

I've been eating lots of yummy healthy stuff and going for brisk walks outside (I don't like running that much but brisk walking burns almost as many calories as jogging) in preparation for Summer. Let's face it, who doesn't want to look their best in a bikini? (Or always, for that matter). A lot of people are like "oh but I'm lazy" or "I don't like healthy food". In my opinion neither are true, in the sense that I thought I used to be lazy until I started exercising (mildly, I am not a gym fanatic and don't play any particular sport) and noticing the physical and mental benefits it brought. When you exercise you release endorphines, which are basically "feel-good" hormones, so it automatically makes you feel better. It also becomes addictive because once you've experienced how nice it feels, you want to have that feeling again. And in my experience once you've started exercising you automatically crave healthy food as well. Whenever I'm on health kick, I start with the exercise, and the healthy-eating automatically follows. I've also started cutting out carbs in the evening, just because I found I couldn't digest them properly if I had them with my dinner and always got stomach cramps during the night which was really annoying and painful. So I tried cutting out several things and eventually what seemed to work was cutting out crabs. So if my housemates are having spaghetti with meatballs and tomato sauce, I'll have cabbage instead of spaghetti. It's actually really nice, and I think it's helping against bloat as well, because my stomach feels flatter than ever! I do however make sure that I always have bread, rice pasta or other carb sources in my lunch and breakfast, as carbs are a really good source of energy and fundamental in everyone's diet.

I went on a photoshoot for on Tuesday and got to shoot some really cool jumpers, hopefully the pics will be up soon so I can show you :)
Yesterday I went to the KAOS fashion show rehearsals and it was really fun but it also made me a little nervous about the fashion show, but I'll get over it haha. I've also been told by the girls in the KAOS committee that they want me to have a new, nicer outfit, possibly a dress or a playsuit, so I'm really happy about that! I'm going to the shop for the fitting tomorrow!

Ok this post is wayyy longer than expected, well done if you've made through all of it. And if you saw it and thought naah, too long, not gonna bother- I don't blame you!

Have a nice day :)


Sunday, 18 March 2012

Denim Jacket-New Look
Tulip Skirt-Zara

Hey followers, just a quick post to show you what I wore to the concert on thursday :)
I was out for St. Patrick's last night so I'm knackered, and therefore don't have the right mindset to write a proper post but will make up for it soon hopefully! :)

Enjoy what's left of the weekend!


Thursday, 15 March 2012

My brother and I :)

with the parents :)

Hey everyone! I cannot believe how long ago I wrote my last post! Such poor blogging on my part! Although in my defence, I've been busy with several things, mainly completing my third year project draft in order to hand it in in time for the deadline (TODAY). I sent it off last night, so at least that's done! :) Over the weekend I went first to Windsor, to see my parents, and then to Kent to see the bf, and it was a really nice weekend!

Both Eunice and I got emails confirming we'd made it thourgh the casting, saying they will get in touch with us as soon as a shoot matching our styles comes up :) The casting was for, a clothing website whom I have already modelled for. 

As you know, last thursday I went for the fashion show fitting. I am not convinced with what I have to wear haha! The top is really cool, cropped, kind of purple with a flowery pattern and a pretty original shape, but the trousers are really low-waisted, which I'm really not used to since I like my trousers high-wasted haha, and pastel pink, which in my opinion majorly clashes with my hair, but at the end of the day no-one gets to pick what they wear as a model and it's for charity so the clothes aren't really the point :D

As you can see from the last two images, I thought I'd tell you about two products currently saving my life from ruined hair and paleness: first up we have Lee Stafford's Moroccan Oil, which was around £12 and 100% worth it: just two or three tiny-winy drops on wet hair (it can also be used on dry hair but I've never tried it) and it makes it so silky soft! I couldn't believe it, as I assumed it would take a while to start working, but I felt the difference after just one use! I picked it up as I was worried that dying my hair would damage it, and wanted to  prevent damage as much as possible especially because my next hair appointment is in more or less two weeks.

The second product is Fake Bake's Beyond Bronze Airbrush self-tanner; I've had it for a while but I thought I'd write a little something about it since I love it so much! I used to be pretty defiant of spray self tanners because the ones that I'd tried were pretty streaky, even though they promised to be streak-free. This one, however, is just great. You can reach most angles nicely, and pretty much every angle with a bit of effort, and the tan comes out lovely and even. It is advised to do two light coats instead of one heavy one for optimal results, in case you decide to try it (and I think if you're interested in being tanned, you should :p).
I definitely think it's a great alternative to sunbeds: I've done some in the paqst, btu with all the awareness that's been raised about how bad for you they are, I just wouldn't go there anymore!

I should probably get up now, Alex is coming tomorrow afternoon and before that I am going into town to do some St Patrick's shopping, and this evening I'm going to a concert where my frlatmate Cam is playing the piano, so should probably start doing some work.

Hope you've all had a good week so far :)